Transit in the new mobility landscape

The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) held its 2013 fall conference this week in Calgary. We were invited to talk to the hundreds of delegates in attendance about the role of transit in a new mobility landscape. We were pleased to hear Michael Roschlau, CUTA’s President and CEO, talk about the changing mobility (shared multi-modal autonomous) and the opportunities that are presented to transit.

Transit is one of the rare visionary industries in this country that are laying the groundwork required to seize the opportunities that the new mobility (accompanied by autonomous vehicle technology and connectivity) landscape will present. In fact, when asked who believes that autonomous vehicle technology will be on our roads in the foreseeable future, over 3/4 of the transit delegates in our well-attended session raised their hands. Metrolinx and TransLink have already demonstrated interest in the new mobility landscape and are actively considering the opportunities presented to them.
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